taavet jansen / director/ programmer/ interdisciplinary artist/ choreographer/

Digital Poetry Slam


digital spacetravel

Lunar Sound (MIMproject)


CLAAS mapping

Fuck Interpolation

WurstWurm / Tree As We Touch It

KAAMOS fashion show


Self Organising System


RMK clips

presentations / workshops

we were not.we were.we are not.

all naked and the dead

my music

Meat Waits b2b Pastacas

my friends alphabet

photo by A.Ahonen

self-sustainable party container

MIM goes to Helsinki

modern pabel tower

Requiem for a lightbulb

Last orders for all those I have ever loved


Amateur and Meat are playing live in Milky Way

it’s nothing really

performance algorytm

video mapping on Estonian Drama Theatre

For Samuel Beckett

sound and light installation on Metroplaza