taavet jansen / director/ programmer/ interdisciplinary artist/ choreographer/



I am readymade, my dreams are default.
I exchange my look for drinks.
I am cyanide blue Avatar and its Coca Cola that flows in my veins.
Owling and gallon smashing (goat remix).
Barbie is witnessing… all the time.
Good, bad and interesting.
Dance is my second name.

I am Jennifer.
I am ready.

The dimension of fractality carries an important role in Babes process. Performing space that includes another space visualizes searching methods so that audience can follow the trip of how borders between original and copy are meaningless. Its not about that we cannot do it/don’t want to do it/don’t know how to do it. Using readymade objects via inventive way can already create cool scenes.

Bio (in order of appearance): entertainer, performance artist, choreographer and Taavet Jansen (as himself) have been working with acknowledged and uncredited artists and institutions in Estonia and abroad.
In order of appearance: Kaie Olmre-Hütt, Maike Lond, Henri Hütt, Taavet Jansen
Supporter: Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Co-produres: Kanuti Gildi SAAL, int.act.union