taavet jansen / director/ programmer/ interdisciplinary artist/ choreographer/


https://elektron.art What is eˉlektron? eˉlektron is a halfway virtual, halfway physical platform that connects exploratory activities of performing arts and science. eˉlektron’s core is in collaboration between artists and scientists. They work together in the format of a creative laboratory and try to do something which neither could complete without the other. Tools and prerequisites can be different, but the main driving force for both the scientist and the artist is curiosity. It binds. What should be the outcome? Unexpected art forms, prototypes and texts, which would survive academic scrutiny. Knowledge which is new for both an artist and a scientist. eˉlektron is not forcing new possible combinations into fixed categories. Neuroscience, microtonality, linguistics, biosemiotics, choreography, mechanics of materials – everything can fit into eˉlektron’s experimental laboratory. Old proverb says that curiosity killed the cat. eˉlektron does not respect that – curiosity is eˉlektron’s nuclear fuel. No more. No less. e‾lektron is realised in cooperation with MIMproject and Kanuti Gildi SAAL. Financial supporter is Estonian Ministry of Culture.