taavet jansen / director/ programmer/ interdisciplinary artist/ choreographer/

it’s nothing really

“It’s nothing really” is the solo performance where the main focus is on the dancer and his relationships with the surrounding traditional theatre technics. I use conventions of the theatre to question the conventions of the theatre. I ask what is it what we perceive/see/hear in the theatre and how we are manipulated by it? The collision what we see and what we want to see? Which ways this transformation passes through and how is the technology related with it?
What happens if we include a small randomness factor into this progress…

Quote from the rewiew by Z.Gündüz
// ‘Technician’ as performer, amplifiers as singers, cables as décor and choreography made out of ‘setting-up the technics’ were some of the original building blocks in Taavet Jansen’s piece ‘It’s nothing really’ (21-5-07, Amsterdam). ‘It’s nothing really’ was a performance created from the point of view of a ‘technician’ that introduced new perspectives of looking at technology, technical equipment as well as the notion of performer. This piece not only succeeded in transforming technical equipment into performers in a clever and humorous way, but also blurred the boundaries between ‘performer’ and ‘technician’. In sum, ‘It’s nothing really’ raised the question: ‘for whom the spotlight shines?’…//

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