taavet jansen / director/ programmer/ interdisciplinary artist/ choreographer/

For Samuel Beckett

musical production

A musical tribute for Samuel Beckett by two performing artists, Taavet Jansen and Peeter Rästas.

I put the cassette in and press play.
you can only listen to these songs on tape and
a part of them is that specific crackle and distortion.
but that crackle also includes my tears and
my first dance. my friends and the Royal grain spirit.
but in that distortion is my anger and powerlessness.
darkness and emptiness.
viktor tsoi knows nothing of this and doesn’t have to.
he’s got other problems.
the tape continues to play and hiss.

Taavet Jansen is a director, programmer and interdisciplinary artist with choreographer background, one of the founders of mim.project.
Peeter Rästas is an actor at Rakvere Theatre, freelance director, is part of a creative union nu.unioon.