taavet jansen / director/ programmer/ interdisciplinary artist/ choreographer/

WurstWurm / Tree As We Touch It

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Taavet Jansen, Maike Lond and Kalle Tikas are artists from different fields (theater, music, performance, video …), and the creators of the artistic company MIMproject (2005), primarily a research framework that deals expands, discovers, develops and deconstructs the space of the theater and its conventions and politics as such. The project is now constituted by a group of artists, choreographers, filmmakers, sound and video artists, philosophers, writers etc.
“The city is wilder than you think and kinder than you think. It is a valley and you are a horse in it. Its a house and you are a child in it. Safe and warm here in the fire of each other.”
Rob Montgomery
TREE AS WE TOUCH IT is a moving sculpture in an open urban environment. Its an artificial tree that is inspired by the behavior of mimosa – a tropical tree that reacts on touching or heavy movement such as wind. The purpose of such reacting is to protect itself from the damage of heavy tropical rains and storms. In poetry and literature mimosa has been always described as sensitive, feminine, emotional and shy plant – meaning that troughout cultural history we have humanize it giving it values that only human beings have.
Its an extended, blown-up version of a worm, a maggot that in our eyes does nothing, its a parasite. As if not capable of interacting, reacting with the environment, not capable of protecting itself from outer impacts WurstWurm just lays there waiting for something to happen. We apply its rather vegetative state and use it to bring its vulnerability, simplicity and coziness to the city environment.
WurstWurm is an autonomous 3 dimensional object 2.5 to 3 meters long. Its body is made of wire frame which is covered with led strips and neopren. WurstWurm is a reactive body that corresponds to the public with its eyes that are 2 high resolution screens and sounds that it creates. Textile is printed with touch sensitive color and the led tubes are illuminating lights under the outer layer of fabric. Its has built in control system, computer, batteries and speakers. The public can turn it, touch it, lay on it and move it around.
These two sculptures are also giving impulses to each other and together with the public becomes a symbiosis indicating the behaviors of nature.

WurstWurm/ Tree As We Touch It from maike lond on Vimeo.